What Should Warren Wilson College Call Me?

I'm an undergraduate at the hippie commune we endearingly call a college. This exists for your amusement. Enjoy Owls :)

(I do not take credit for the gifs used on this page)

Okay, Wilson Students, here’s the deal…

I went AWOL. The reason is irrelevant. Then I left Wilson. Also irrelevant. I really like this blog and I think an owl should run it. I’m holding a contest to see who gets it for the next semester. I’ll give the winner the email and password and after the semester is over, I’ll hold another one, and so on and so forth. I will still monitor it and the email will remain in my name. I reserve the right to revoke blog privileges. Stay classy. Keep the posts in the format they’re in and don’t get personal. Stay anonymous (it’s so much more fun that way, anyways). Be relevant. Have fun. Submit a post! I’ll choose the winner on August 1st. Current students who will be enrolled in the Fall semester only please. Good luck!

The Owl